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- Philippines Airlines Passengers must present their Boarding Pass or E-ticket during check-in.

- Mabuhay Miles members must present their membership cards (physical or digital) during check-in.

- This offer is applicable only for direct bookings made on our website using the provided promo code.

- Bookings made via phone, email, or walk-in are not eligible for this offer.

- This offer cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions.

- Black Out Dates apply.


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All locations
favehotel Gatot Subroto - Jakarta
Jakarta, Indonesia
IDR 564,000
IDR 451,200
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favehotel PGC Cililitan
Jakarta, Indonesia
IDR 468,000
IDR 444,600
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favehotel Pluit Junction
Jakarta, Indonesia
IDR 560,000
IDR 448,000
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favehotel Braga
Bandung, Indonesia
IDR 533,500
IDR 506,825
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favehotel MEX Surabaya
Surabaya, Indonesia
IDR 1,050,000
IDR 997,500
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favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya
Surabaya, Indonesia
IDR 476,560
IDR 452,732
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favehotel Palembang
Palembang, Indonesia
IDR 535,990
IDR 509,191
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favehotel LTC Glodok Jakarta
Jakarta, Indonesia
IDR 432,000
IDR 345,600
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favehotel Cimanuk Garut
Garut, Indonesia
IDR 864,000
IDR 691,200
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favehotel Malioboro - Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
IDR 455,347
IDR 409,812
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favehotel Jababeka
Bekasi, Indonesia
IDR 323,700
IDR 307,515
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favehotel Melawai
Jakarta, Indonesia
IDR 713,500
IDR 677,825
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favehotel Rungkut Surabaya
Surabaya, Indonesia
IDR 408,000
IDR 387,600
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favehotel S. Parman Medan
Medan, Indonesia
IDR 551,000
IDR 468,350
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favehotel Sidoarjo
Sidoarjo, Indonesia
IDR 657,800
IDR 526,240
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favehotel Kuta Kartika Plaza
Bali, Indonesia
IDR 678,500
IDR 644,575
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favehotel Malang
Malang, Indonesia
IDR 672,000
IDR 537,600
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favehotel Bitung - North Sulawesi
Sulawesi, Indonesia
IDR 465,000
IDR 441,750
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favehotel Pamanukan
Pamanukan, Indonesia
IDR 681,250
IDR 545,000
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favehotel Nagoya - Batam
Batam, Indonesia
IDR 779,208
IDR 623,366
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