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favehotel Graha Agung

Jalan Mayjend. Yono Soewoyo, Middle Ring Road Pakuwon Square AKII No. 10-11,
Surabaya – Jawa Timur
t: +6231 9900 0090
e: grahaagunginfo@favehotels.com

Attractions Nearby
House of Sampoerna House of Sampoerna
House of Sampoerna (HOS) was built by the Sampoerna Company the owner of Indonesia's famous cigarettes. The area on HOS divide into museum area, Cafe area, Family house, Art Gallery, and Sampoerna's cigarettes company (still operated). The museum telling the history of Sampoerna brands.

Suramadu Suramadu
Suramadu is the longest bridge in Indonesia. Connected between MADURA and SURABAYA. The beauty of the bridge can be watch along of Kenjeran beach area in Surabaya. See the play of the light over the night.

Gereja Perawan Maria Tak Berdosa Gereja Perawan Maria Tak Berdosa
Gereja Perawan Maria Tak Berdosa (aka: The Holy Mary Church) is the oldest Catholic church in East Java Province of Indonesia. The Church itself has been categorized as a heritage site in Surabaya. This Gothic-style Church has held services since 1800. It has Chinese language services on Sundays.

Ampel Mosque Ampel Mosque
Ampel mosque was built by Raden Achmad Ramatullah (famous as SUNAN AMPEL) in 1421M within Majapahit Kingdom area at the time. Sunan Ampel with 8 others is well known as WALI SONGO (songo is nine), they are all were very famous with their part of spreading ISLAM for the first time in Indonesia. Ampel mosque is a very ancient mosque in the north part of Surabaya, Surroundings with China and Arab architecture building. Feel the atmosphere of Middle East in this Arab Street area. Taste Kebuli rice, maryam Curry rice, etc. Within Ampel mosque complex find the tomb of SUNAN AMPEL.

Ciputra Water Park Ciputra Water Park
The Biggest Theme pool in Indonesia. A million freshness and cheerful are waiting in Ciputra Water Park. Consists of 7 different types of Pools with Sinbad Adventure Themes.

Jembatan Merah Jembatan Merah
Jembatan Merah (aka: Red Bridge) is a very historic bridge in Surabaya. The Bridge itself becomes the witness of how the Surabaya's soldiers with their bravery defeated the Dutch soldiers in the 2nd World War. The Bridge has held an important economic role in Surabaya since the beginning until now. The area over the bridge has a unique ambience.

Jalesveva Jayamahe Statue Jalesveva Jayamahe Statue
This statue is one of the biggest statues in Indonesia. It is located on the northeast point of Surabaya city. See the remarkable Suramadu Bridge from far, feel the bravery of the INDONESIAN NAVY and walk down inside the active warship.

Tugu Pahlawan Tugu Pahlawan
Tugu Pahlawan is located at the centre of Surabaya. it can be accessed from anyways and public transportation in Surabaya. tugu pahlawan (hero monument) was built to remembering the heroic struggle of Surabaya youth called "arek-arek Suroboyo" at the time of November 1945.

Chinese Temple Chinese Temple
Chinese temple with influence of BUDDHA located on the beach side precisely. divided into 2 part. One part for KWAN IM goddess and second part for BUDDHA. There's very huge statue of KWAN IM and 4 faces BUDDHA. Located inside the KENJERAN Beach Park (new one). Close to Suramadu National Bridge. After enjoying visit/praying into the temple, visitor can taste variety of Local Cuisine like KUPANG, BAKSO, etc on the small stall around while drink from coconut fruit. Very breathable experience.