Traditional Nusantara Costumes Enlivened Kartini Day Celebration 2024
favehotel Madiun27 Apr 2024
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Madiun, April 2024 – Kartini Day has always been commemorated in unique ways. The Kids Fashion Show, organized by ASTON Madiun Hotel & Conference Center and favehotel Madiun, served as a platform for children to preserve culture from an early age. Various traditional Nusantara costumes were worn by the children during the event held on April 27, 2024, at The Lounge, Ground Floor, ASTON Madiun.

“During this Kartini Day, we wanted children to become more familiar with the diverse traditional costumes in Indonesia. With the theme of traditional attire, we hoped that the children would understand the unique characteristics of the Indonesian nation, thereby becoming individuals who love culture and developing a competitive spirit from an early age,” said Reynaldy, Marketing Communications at ASTON Madiun Hotel & Conference Center and favehotel Madiun.