favehotel Graha Agung28 Jun 2024
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Surabaya, June 28, 2024 – School holidays have arrived! The fatigue and exhaustion from work can be relieved by spending vacation time with beloved family. Several tourist destinations in and out of the city become options for celebrating school holidays. For example, going to the mall, watching movies in the cinema, dining at favorite restaurants, and going 'healing' out of town are always options to fill holiday time.

However, holidays are often hindered by the costs that have to be incurred. So, how can all holiday plans during school holidays still come true? It turns out there is a hotel in West Surabaya that offers a school holiday package, namely favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya.

This June-July is typically associated with school holidays, so the demand for rooms is quite high. Because of the high season, hotel room demand increases drastically, especially in favorite holiday cities. High occupancy is inevitable in some hotels that are popular with tourists for spending Christmas and New Year holidays,” said Karina, Sales Manager of favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya.

Despite the high demand for rooms during school holidays, guests need not worry because the sales team from favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya shares some staycation tips when booking hotel rooms for Christmas and New Year holidays to get affordable prices.

The first and most important tip is to determine the holiday budget. Then, choose a holiday destination that fits the budget and can go together with family to share accommodation costs or what we often call 'sharing cost.' And equally important, book accommodation well in advance to avoid last-minute booking which tends to increase room prices due to rising room demand,” said Deasy Atika, Sales and Marketing Executive of favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya.

In addition, keep updated with school holiday promo information at the intended hotel. At favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya, we offer up to 30 percent off during the school holiday period. Under the theme 'School Holideals,' travelers can enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience at an affordable price,added Karina Dewi.

Room reservations are quite easy, as they can be made through the hotel's website at grahaagung.favehotels.com. Without a minimum stay, guests can get an additional discount of up to 30%. Moreover, with this promo, guests will also get several benefits such as free shuttle to the surrounding area and free early check-in. This promo is valid from June 1 to July 9, 2024, and can be used for stays from June 14 to July 9, 2024