favehotel Solo Baru24 Jun 2024
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In celebration of its 12th anniversary, favehotel Solo Baru organized a social event in the form of a blood donation drive in collaboration with PMI Sukoharjo. This event took place on Thursday, June 20, 2024, at the Clove Meeting Room, favehotel Solo Baru. The blood donation drive was participated in by employees of favehotel Manahan Solo and favehotel Solo Baru, colleagues, and the surrounding community.

Khuswatus Solikhin, Hotel Manager favehotel Solo Baru, stated, "We are very proud to contribute to the community through this blood donation event. We hope this activity can assist PMI Sukoharjo in meeting the blood needs of those in need. Thank you to everyone who participated."

During the blood donation event, a total of 40 bags of blood were collected from the 50 participants who registered. Not all participants could become blood donors; those who had a cough, or cold, were taking medication, or did not meet the required weight were not eligible to donate.

Suhartono, one of the blood donation participants, also expressed his congratulations and best wishes for favehotel Solo Baru 12th anniversary, "Happy 12th anniversary to favehotel Solo Baru. May you continue to succeed and provide the best service."

The peak of favehotel Solo Baru anniversary celebration will be held in August 2024 with an outing event for favehotel Solo (favehotel Manahan Solo and favehotel Solo Baru) employees. Additionally, there will be a series of events continuing through August. For more information, follow favehotel Solo Baru on social media: Instagram @favehotelsolobaru, Facebook favehotel Solo Baru, and TikTok @favehotelsolo.