Peak of Ramadan: Favehotel Sidoarjo Draws Vouchers for Yamaha Motorcycle Prize
favehotel Sidoarjo08 Apr 2024
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Sidoarjo, April 8, 2024 – The Ramadan euphoria was felt by the majority of Indonesians, including those in Sidoarjo. From hunting for takjil to breaking the fast together, the spirit was palpable. Capitalizing on the moment of communal iftar, many restaurants offered a variety of iftar packages, including Favehotel Sidoarjo.

Located in the heart of Delta City, Favehotel Sidoarjo offered a prime location for Sidoarjo residents to choose as a place to break their fast. Besides offering over 150 menu items, breaking fast here also provided a chance to win grand prize raffle drawings.

Prizes included an Advance air fryer, a Trail mountain bike, a Sharp single-door refrigerator, and a Yamaha Gear motorbike. These grand prizes were won by lucky visitors who reserved an iftar package at the hotel located at Jalan Raya Jenggolo No.15, Pucang, Sidoarjo.

The peak of Ramadan euphoria at Favehotel Sidoarjo was marked by the raffle draw held for vouchers distributed to visitors during the iftar package period. The draw took place at the Raflesia Ballroom of Favehotel Sidoarjo on Monday, April 8, 2024.

Eka Dewi Kurniawati, the Hotel Manager of Favehotel Sidoarjo, stated that the iftar packages were a great success, with 9,200 packages sold, averaging 350 packages per day.

“The raffle is our way of appreciating the loyal customers of Favehotel Sidoarjo who chose to break their fast here,” said Eka Dewi after the draw on Monday, April 8, 2024. The participants' excitement was palpable as the host picked the raffle vouchers. Tension was visible on their faces as one by one, the raffle vouchers were claimed by the winners.

That evening, luck was on the side of Septian, a Sidoarjo resident, who managed to win two prizes at once: a Trail mountain bike and the grand prize, a Yamaha Gear motorbike.

“I didn’t expect to bring home two prizes today, especially the grand prize of a Yamaha Gear motorbike. Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful,” he said with gratitude.

The grand prize draw for Magical Ramadan was attended by the Sidoarjo Regency Social Service, authorized by a notary, and witnessed by representatives from Sidoarjo Police Precinct (Polresta Sidoarjo) and Military District Command 0816 Sidoarjo (Kodim 0816 Sidoarjo)