The success of the coloring competition attracted many enthusiasts in the context of HARDIKNAS 2024
favehotel Malang26 May 2024
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In commemoration of National Education Day (HARDIKNAS 2024) which falls on May 2 2024 favehotel Malang has successfully held a coloring competition which was attended by 32 participants from the Kindergarten and Elementary/MI class 1-4 categories on May 26 2024 at 09.00-12.00 WIB. The event took place on the 1st floor of the Telogomas 1&2 room at favehotel Malang with the theme "HARDIKNAS 2024".

This competition aims to inspire children to love the world of education more and express their creativity through art. Apart from that, this activity is also expected to increase awareness of the importance of education as the main foundation in building national character.

This event was enlivened and supported directly by Faber Castell, Biscuit kokola, Toza, Mr DIY, Cimory and also skin plus. During the event the children looked very enthusiastic about taking part in the competition. They were given 90 minutes to complete a picture with the theme National Education Day. Participants were very enthusiastic to show their talents and express their creativity. Many participants had completed their work in less than 90 minutes for assessments based on color composition, suitability of theme, uniqueness, cleanliness and neatness.

Winners were taken from 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in the Kindergarten category and 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in the SD/MI category. The winners received fresh money, trophies, certificates and also gifts from sponsors, especially 1st place winners who each received a voucher for a free stay at favehotel Malang. Apart from that, all participants also received Lunch Boxes from favehotel Malang, gifts from all sponsors and award certificates as appreciation for their achievements.

"We are holding the Coloring Competition this season because of the education day which falls on May 2. Coloring is actually not a sudden event but we often do this once a year, this Coloring Competition was formed to appreciate children and favehotel Malang is family's favorite hotel of choice" said Ayu Ratna, Sales Marketing Manager favehotel Malang.