Launching Zero Waste Program
favehotel Ahmad Yani - Banjarmasin27 Jan 2024
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favehotel Ahmad Yani - Banjarmasin collaborated with Wastesmartech Company to launch a zero waste program on Saturday (27/1/2024).

The program was launched as an effort to maximize recycling potential and enhance the value of domestic waste. During the event, a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also signed, witnessed directly by the Mayor of Banjarmasin, Ibnu Sina.

"On behalf of the City Government, I express my gratitude and wish success to favehotel Ahmad Yani - Banjarmasin for collaborating with Wastesmartech to manage waste and waste from the hotel," he said after the launch.

According to Ibnu, this program is a commendable step that everyone should emulate, so all parties must contribute to reducing waste accumulation and managing waste.

"So that this city becomes a clean and comfortable city," he added.

Certainly, according to Ibnu, a pile of mixed waste can be a disaster. However, if the waste is sorted, it will become a blessing.

"This waste can become a pile of money that can contribute to environmental sustainability," he said.

Ibnu hopes that all members of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) can collaborate with waste banks and the Banjarmasin Environmental Agency (DLH).

So, he said, the target to achieve zero waste to the landfill can be realized. "Because nationally, by the year 2030, there should no longer be any waste entering the landfill. Everything is finished in the complex, everything is finished at the source," he concluded.

Meanwhile, the General Manager of favehotel Ahmad Yani - Banjarmasin, Beben Eko Prabowo, stated that the launched program is one of the forms of the hotel's spirit to maintain the environment, especially around the hotel.

"That's why we launched the zero waste program in 2024. Here, we sort organic and non-organic waste," he explained.

Beben said that excess food in the hotel will be managed until it can be used as feed for maggot cultivation.

"So we hope not to contribute waste to the landfill in Banjarmasin. Waste at fave hotel doesn't end up at the landfill," he added.

He further stated that this program is a spirit that continues to be echoed, caring for the environment in Banjarmasin to make it cleaner and more comfortable.

In addition, Beben continued, favehotel Ahmad Yani - Banjarmasin has also started using eco-enzymes for cleaning.

"Like cleaning stainless steel in the hotel area, bathrooms. And this, God willing, is also environmentally friendly waste. If it's non-food waste, we recycle it so that it can become a creation from favehotel Ahmad Yani - Banjarmasin," he concluded.