Welcoming the month of Ramadhan, favehotel Malang present the ramadhan bestie package to enjoy your moments together
favehotel Malang19 Mar 2024
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The long-awaited Holy Month of Ramadan has finally arrived. In the spirit of sharing blessings, favehotel Malang presents a series of Ramadhan packages that combine luxury, comfort and a warm atmosphere with family, friends or co-workers. On Wednesday, March 6 2024 at 16.00 WIB favehotel Malang has launched a special Ramadhan package consisting of Ramdhan Bestie (Buffet Tasty), Ramadhan Bestie (Room Package), and Ramadhan Meeting (Meeting Package).

Ramadhan Bestie (Buffet Tasty) is an iftar package with the theme "Nusantara food" which consists of complete food ranging from fried foods, salad bars, traditional appetizers, main courses and desserts which are served as a buffet and also many selected menu stalls which are cooked and served individually. direct. For just IDR 88,000 nett/pax, you can get the chance to get the Grand Prize smart TV and it includes special gifts every day, special room vouchers every Saturday and also Live music only on Saturdays and you can enjoy unlimited food or what is usually called All You Can Eat . Favepeople can enjoy this Ramadhan Bestie from 11 March 2024 until the end of the month of Ramadhan on 09 April 2024 from 17.00 to 20.00 WIB at Lime Restaurant on the 1st floor of favehotel Malang.

Also get an iftar promo at Ramadhan Bestie during the month of Ramadhan, namely for every purchase of 10 pax get 1 pax free and valid for multiples. Iftar together becomes more special with a variety of delicious dishes ready to pamper your taste buds

"We hope that this special Ramadhan package promo can provide a special experience for you. We want to ensure that each of your visits during the holy month of Ramadan is filled with delicious culinary delights, a warm atmosphere and memorable experiences. With the special Ramadhan package promo, we are committed to providing a choice of special dishes at affordable prices, so you can enjoy typical Ramadhan dishes without having to worry about your budget"< Diah Novita, Restaurant Banquet Manager favehotel Malang>

For favepeople who want to get this attractive promo and package, you can directly contact Telp + 62 341 5086 777 / WhatsApp + 62 811 3117 1234 and you can also directly visit our official website at malang.favehotels.com