COMMEMORATE KARTINI DAY: favehotel Holds POUNDFIT Event, Exciting Event Participants Are Very Interested
favehotel Malang27 Apr 2024
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In welcoming Kartini Day which is commemorated by the strength and achievements of Indonesian women, favehotel Malang has successfully held a Special Kartini Day POUNDFIT Event which took place on Thursday, April 25 2024 at 16.00 - 17.00 WIB on the 1st floor of favehotel Malang 

This PoundFit event succeeded in attracting the attention and participation of women from more than 15 participants from various groups. led by Pro Tya, a PounFit instructor who is licensed in his field. With great passion and enthusiasm, we succeeded in bringing together Indonesian women in an uplifting fitness session to strengthen the body and have provided an unforgettable experience. 

Apart from PounFit, there was also a door prize draw at the end of the event. We congratulated the participants who had won a door prize voucher to stay at favehotel Malang. This PoundFit event is included in the monthly events of favehotel Malang 


"Poundfit is very good for maintaining health, including reducing stress, improving mood, building muscle strength, burning calories and losing weight. Besides, Poundfit is also a fun activity because it uses drumsticks to carry out energetic and dynamic movements accompanied by music. Poundfit is also good to do 3 times a week for those who are still in the beginner stage but it depends on each person's condition "< Pro Tya, Poundfit Instructor>