Cooking Class Kids at Favehotel Kusumanegara Yogyakarta
favehotel Kusumanegara22 May 2024
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Cooking Class Kids is an activity designed to develop cooking skills using original and child-safe ingredients, such as decorating donuts, burgers, and sandwiches. This activity is increasingly popular as it actively engages children, encouraging them to move and create using their hands.

In support of children's development, Favehotel Kusumanegara Yogyakarta organizes Cooking Class Kids, which can be attended by a minimum of 20 participants. This class has been open for the past month, and more than three kindergartens in Yogyakarta have participated with their students. Before cooking, the children are given a tour of the hotel, including the lobby, pool, restaurant, and rooms.

“I am interested in this activity because children can learn about their surroundings directly. We can introduce them to what a hotel is, with its pool, rooms, and restaurant. Moreover, when cooking with the chef, the children are very enthusiastic because it’s a new experience, and they feel happy when they enjoy their own cooking,” said Mrs. Widayati, the principal of ABA As Salam Kindergarten.

The Cooking Class Kids is guided by the executive chef of favehotel, who directly teaches the children cooking tips and techniques. This 3-star hotel, located at Jl Kusumanegara No.91, has a strategic location. It combines unique design with affordable prices, a pleasant atmosphere, and friendly service.