favehotel Cimanuk Garut Presents Sharing Blessings for Ojol Warriors
favehotel Cimanuk29 Feb 2024
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Garut, February 29, 2024 - favehotel Cimanuk Garut is proud to announce its latest initiative in providing support and blessings to Ojol Warriors, who have become the backbone in meeting the logistical needs of the community. As part of the company's commitment to give back to the community, favehotel Cimanuk Garut organized a food and soft drink sharing program as a form of appreciation and support.

According to Anggi Febri, HR representative of favehotel Cimanuk Garut, this activity is an expression of the company's gratitude and concern for the Ojol Warriors who have persevered in carrying out their daily duties. “We recognize the vital role played by Ojol Warriors in reaching various corners of society. Therefore, we feel it is important to express our support and appreciation,” he said.

The distribution of the snacks was not only done symbolically, but also directly to the Pejuang Ojol representatives at favehotel Cimanuk Garut. Furthermore, the favehotel Cimanuk Garut team also distributed food directly to Ojol Fighters at several strategic points, including Simpang Lima, Bunderan Guntur, Jayaraga Area, Ramayana, Tarogong, and Pengkolan Garut City Center.

In addition, favehotel Cimanuk Garut also held a soft drink sharing program for every Ojol Warrior who visited the hotel to deliver orders or guests. This program aims to provide comfort and encouragement to Ojol Warriors in carrying out their daily duties.
Not only focusing on supporting Ojol Warriors, favehotel Cimanuk Garut also shows its commitment in providing assistance to Orphanages and Nursing Homes as part of their blessing sharing program.

In addition to these activities, favehotel Cimanuk Garut is also active in participating in religious activities around the neighborhood in Karangpawitan - Garut area, showing their involvement in building sustainable relationships with the local community.

favehotel Cimanuk Garut hopes that this program, although simple, can provide benefits and encouragement to Pejuang Ojol as well as all other beneficiaries. This is a real step from favehotel Cimanuk Garut in supporting and appreciating the Ojol Warriors who play an important role in people's daily lives.