Wishforia: favehotel Cimanuk Garut Welcomes New Year with Hope and Joy
favehotel Cimanuk01 Jan 2024
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Garut, January 1, 2023 - favehotel Cimanuk Garut, together with Vortable EO, is holding an annual energetic event, “Wishforia”, as part of the New Year celebration. This event will take place at the end of the year, December 31, 2023, starting at 19.00 WIB until completion, in the parking lot of favehotel Cimanuk Garut.

Wishforia is presented to enliven the arrival of the new year 2024 with hope and joy. The collaboration between favehotel Cimanuk Garut, Vortable EO, and sponsors such as Manzlight, GG International Music, became the foundation for the event that combined various entertainment elements.

The event featured a variety of attractions that began with a mesmerizing K-Pop Dance performance, bringing the audience into a festive atmosphere. Next, the audience will be treated to musical performances from guest stars, including Garut's own young artist Cici Riyadi and MPG Band. Leading DJs will also entertain the audience with mesmerizing music sets, creating an unforgettable euphoria before the turn of the year.

Not only that, Wishforia also presents the Garut MSME Bazaar, offering a unique shopping experience and supporting micro, small, and medium enterprises in the region. Visitors can also enjoy Face Painting Art, where local face painting artists will create unique artworks and beautify visitors' appearance.

“We are very excited to welcome the new year with the Wishforia event. The collaboration with Vortable EO and the support of sponsors adds a special touch to this event. We want to create an exhilarating experience for favehotel Cimanuk Garut guests and Garut people in general,” said Yali Jamilah, Sales Manager of favehotel Cimanuk Garut.

This event is expected to not only be entertainment, but also a moment to share happiness and hope with the people of Garut. Everyone is invited to celebrate the joy of Wishforia and together welcome the New Year with new spirit and optimism.