Welcoming Ramadan, Favehotel Sidoarjo Prepared Special Menu Promotions and a Grand Prize of an Automatic Motorcycle
favehotel Sidoarjo07 Mar 2024
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This year, the three-star hotel, an icon in the heart of Sidoarjo, offered an even more impressive experience than the previous year. With various enticing prizes, including a grand prize of an automatic motorcycle, Favehotel Sidoarjo made this Ramadan unforgettable.

favehotel Sidoarjo also presented a more diverse main course menu than ever before, with dishes ranging from Indonesian to Middle Eastern cuisine. The dishes included Nasi Kapau, Soto Lamongan, Bakwan Malang, Kwetiau Pontianak, Nasi Goreng 3 Rasa, Chicken Shawarma, Nasi Mandi, Nasi Kabsah, Nasi Kabuli, Nasi Briyani, and Ayam Gulai Padang.

Above: Jayandaru Rijsttafel, Rafflesia Ballroom, Sweet like Strawberry

Not only just main courses, Favehotel Sidoarjo also offered a variety of light snacks like takjil. These included Savory Martabak, Sweet Martabak, various fried snacks, Baklava, Umm Ali, assorted traditional market snacks, Turkish Lokma, Turkish Milk Pudding, Mixed Ice, Ice Cream, Aceh’s Kopi Walik, and many more, all available for guests to enjoy with family and colleagues.

'We are very proud and grateful for the success we achieved in 2023. This was a huge motivation for us to bring back 'Magical Ramadan' this year with even more satisfying targets. We remained committed to providing an unforgettable iftar experience for the people of Sidoarjo and all our guests from various regions,' said Eka Dewi, the Hotel Manager of Favehotel Sidoarjo.

To enliven the iftar atmosphere, Favehotel Sidoarjo also featured live recitations of the holy Qur'an starting at 5:00 PM WIB and daily live music accompanied guests during their iftar.

For information and reservations, you can contact via WhatsApp at 0811-3313-099, or through the website sidoarjo.favehotels.com and social media @favesidoarjo.