Sweet Like Strawberry, a Mood-Refreshing Beverage from Favehotel Sidoarjo
favehotel Sidoarjo21 Feb 2024
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favehotel Sidoarjo continues to introduce captivating new innovations that delight guests with pleasant surprises. This time, the three-star hotel located at Jalan Jenggolo No 15 Pucang, Sidoarjo, is making a splash with the introduction of two special beverages guaranteed to lift your spirits, one of which is called Sweet Like Strawberry.

This drink is created from a blend of strawberries and fresh milk, poured alternately.

According to Favehotel Sidoarjo’s Assistant Food & Beverage Manager, Chysko, the three-star hotel in Delta City intentionally introduced Sweet Like Strawberry. This special menu is designed to indulge visitors of Lime Restaurant with a refreshing drink believed to improve one’s mood.

“For this month’s promotion, we are offering something fresher that can be enjoyed in any setting,” he said.

Not only is it refreshing, Favehotel Sidoarjo also pays attention to the benefits of this drink, particularly its positive impact on visitors' moods. The strawberry content in this drink is believed to be a mood booster beneficial for mental health. Additionally, fresh milk is known to be an excellent beverage for maintaining physical health. The combination of the two not only pleases the palate but is also good for health.

A glass of Sweet Like Strawberry is priced at IDR 23,000. This is a relatively affordable price considering its benefits. “With a very affordable price, this drink is guaranteed to make your day more refreshing while you enjoy the ambiance at Lime Restaurant,” Chysko added. 

Unsurprisingly, even though it has only been launched for a month, Sweet Like Strawberry has received much praise from visitors. Ajeng is one of them.

“Besides being refreshing and having many benefits for the mood, this drink is also very affordable. It is perfect for enjoying both during the day and at night,” she said while enjoying Sweet Like Strawberry