favehotel Solo Baru14 May 2024
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As of 2023, this year favehotel Solo (Manahan Solo and Solo Baru) again succeeded in receiving a prestigious award from TripAdvisor, namely "Travellers' Choice Awards 2024." The top 10% of hotels worldwide can only obtain this prestigious award.

"This award proves that favehotel Solo has become an interesting place to visit and can be trusted by tourists. To our tagline, namely "everybody's favorite,"  we always try to provide the best service and prioritize the spirit of our tagline so that guest reviews are good. "The positivity is increasing and giving enthusiasm and motivation to all favehotel Solo employees to work even better." Said Khuswatus Solikhin, Hotel Manager favehotel Solo.”

"Apart from that, every day we read every guest review that comes in so that if there are reviews that make guests dissatisfied, we will immediately make an action plan so that in the future the quality of our facilities and services will be better." Said Nonik Ratna Dewi, Public Relations Coordinator favehotel Solo.

Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Award is an award for the leading tourism and hospitality industry for its brilliant achievements in various categories based on millions of visitor reviews worldwide. Rating criteria consistently earn good reviews and are ranked in the top 10 percent of listings on Tripadvisor.

With a very strategic location, favehotel Manahan Solo is in the heart of Solo, and favehotel Solo Baru is in the business center of Solo Baru, making it easy for tourists to shop and travel to enjoy the beautiful cities of Solo and Sukoharjo.