favehotel Graha Agung11 May 2024
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Surabaya, May 11, 2024 – On May 10, 2024, favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya celebrated its 10th anniversary. With the theme "A Decade of Excellence," favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya is committed to continuously improving its quality and services to remain a choice accommodation for all. The series of events held by favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya for its 10th anniversary include Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, where food items and formula milk were distributed to a nearby orphanage, followed by the highlight event, a thanksgiving religious gathering and the cutting of a ceremonial rice cone by the Hotel Manager at favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya on Friday, May 10, 2024, attended by all employees of favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya.

To share the joy with guests on the occasion of its 10th Anniversary, favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya also launched a room promotion called the "Anniver Sale." Room reservations can be easily made through the hotel's website at grahaagung.favehotels.com. Without a minimum stay requirement, guests can enjoy an additional 15% discount. Furthermore, guests will also benefit from free delivery to surrounding areas and free early check-in. This promotion is valid for stays during the anniversary month of favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya, which is May.

"This anniversary promotion is a manifestation of the hotel's commitment to providing maximum service to our guests. Myself and the entire team at favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya would like to express our gratitude to our guests who have always been loyal in choosing favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya as their accommodation when visiting Surabaya. It is our hope that favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya will become one of the leading hotels in the West Surabaya area and continue to provide the best service to our guests," said Erzam Faisol, Hotel Manager of favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya.

"We are delighted to organize this promotion as a token of appreciation to our guests who have faithfully supported and trusted us for the past 10 years. With this promotion, we are committed to continuing to provide the best service and make every visit an unforgettable experience. Don't miss this special opportunity! The 'Anniver Sale' promotion runs until May 31, 2024. Reserve now and enjoy an unforgettable stay experience with favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya," said Deasy, Sales and Marketing Executive of favehotel Graha Agung Surabaya