favehotel Manahan Solo18 Apr 2024
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Still in the Eid Fitri atmosphere, the management of favehotel Solo (Manahan Solo and Solo Baru) held a Halal Bihalal activity with the theme "Bringing Hearts Closer, Strengthening Friendships.".

This Halal Bilalal activity was held on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, at 16.00 WIB and was centered at the Rosemary meeting room at the favehotel Solo Baru, which was attended by 100 people consisting of employees, casuals, and OJT (on-the-job training) students.

The activity opened with remarks from Khuswatus Solikhin, Hotel Manager of favehotel Solo (Manahan Solo and Solo Baru), where in his speech he expressed gratitude and thanks for the team's dedication and hard work so far to provide the best service for guests visiting favehotel Solo (Manahan Solo and Solo Baru) so that favehotel Solo can become the hotel of choice for tourists during the 2024 Eid holiday.

On this occasion, the management of favehotel Solo also expressed appreciation to OJT (on-the-job training) students who have chosen favehotel Solo as a place for them to practice learning in the industrial world. Khuswatus Solikhin, hotel manager of favehotel Solo, said, "We want to become an industry that produces ready-to-use workers and competent human resources, especially in the tourism industry."

The event continued with a spiritual shower and prayers from Ustad H. Ahmad Yani, M.Pd.I. The event closed with musical entertainment, the main door prize drawing in the form of an induction stove from Artugo, and dinner. The Halal Bihalal activity looked lively, with great enthusiasm from all participants.