favehotel Solo Baru07 Mar 2024
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Sparkling Ramadhan is coming, a perfect moment to share the joy with family and friends. Regarding greeting Sparkling Ramadan, favehotel (Manahan Solo and Solo Baru ) has provided Sparkling Ramadhan packages namely “Kampoeng Ramadhan”

On Wednesday, March 6, 2024, favehotel Solo held a press conference and launched Kampoeng Ramadan, where guests were invited from media partners, influencers, the community, and companies that have been cooperating with favehotel Solo. The event was lively, with a fasting menu provided during Ramadan at the favehotel Solo.

“This year we raised the theme of Kampoeng Ramadan, which focuses on serving the opening menu of fasting typical of Nusantara so that visitors can feel the atmosphere of the hometown with every meal we serve.” Said Khuswatus Solikhin - Hotel Manager, favehotel Solo (Manahan Solo dan Solo Baru).

At the press conference and the launch of the Ramadan campaign, the event was organized with a Muslim fashion show from the collection of Al Fath, Solo. The models were staff of the favehotel Solo, and Al Fath distributed a discounted voucher of IDR 50,000.00 for the guests who were invited to attend the event.

Kampoeng Ramadan serves the Nusantara and Middle Eastern menu that can be enjoyed every day during Ramadan in the Lime Restaurant at the price of IDR—79.999,00 per person for all-you-can-eat. The variants of the meal consist of Takjil such as kurma, kolak, and sweet cakes, a variety of live cooking stalls every day, as well as main dishes such as Padang seasoned clams, Bugis chicken, and Pecel Madiun. Our trusted menu every year always includes a Middle East menu, like Biryani Rice and Mandhi Rice.

Due to the high demand of the public for fasting in the hotel, we provide BUY 10 FREE 1 promotions for the booking transaction of the fasting package of Kampoeng Ramadan from March 6th, 2024, to March 15th, 2024.

In addition, today, favehotel Solo informed us that its latest package is Manasik Umroh/Haji. The package was launched due to the need for many of the communities, in particular the Solo Raya area, to carry out the Umroh/Haji. At the price of IDR 90,000.00 per person, this package provides a meeting room, a miniature Ka’bah, snacks, lunch, and a standard sound system.

If you want to stay during the month of Ramadan, we offer a stay package at the price of IDR. 485,000.00 per night. You can already enjoy a stay of 1 night in a faveroom, Sahur or breakfast for 2 persons, and a fasting package for Kampoeng Ramadan for 2 persons. This stay is valid from March 10, 2024, to April 9, 2024.

For more information, you can contact favehotel Manahan Solo via WhatsApp at 0895 4225 94956, Instagram and FB at @favehotelmanahansolo, website: manahansolo.favehotels.com and for favehotel Solo Baru: WhatsApp at 0895 422594954, Instagram and FB @ favehotelsolobaru, website: solobaru.favehotels.com.