Experience the delight of Serani Braised Beef Rib Soup, a fresh and appetizing dish for the summer season.
favehotel Sidoarjo06 Jun 2023
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Beef ribs contain a multitude of benefits for the body. One of them is the high iron content, which is excellent for aiding muscle function, cell growth, and preventing anemia. In addition to iron, beef ribs also contain essential proteins and calcium that are highly beneficial for the body. Protein helps build and repair body tissues, while calcium aids in preventing osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bone density.

favehotel Sidoarjo introduces the latest menu from Lime Restaurant, the Serani Braised Beef Rib Soup, made with high-quality beef ribs and served with a flavorful spice broth that offers numerous health benefits. The Serani braised soup is a specialty dish from Jepara, usually prepared with seafood. The Serani flavor is a combination of spiciness, sourness, and sweetness, typically served during the day.

Herman, the head chef, explains that he intentionally chose beef ribs to be cooked in the Serani braised soup because people of all ages highly favor dishes made with beef ribs, and they have several benefits. 'From young people to mothers, everyone tends to prefer culinary delights made with beef ribs rather than seafood,'said Herman, the Head Chef of favehotel Sidoarjo.

The cooking process is relatively easy and not much different from the traditional Serani braised soup. All the spices, such as shallots, garlic, turmeric, lemongrass, tomatoes, and starfruit, are thinly sliced and then sautéed together with water. 'After the delightful aroma emerges, the beef ribs are added to the broth. Prior to cooking, the beef ribs are marinated with a fine spice blend for two hours to infuse the flavors,' he explains. Once the Serani braised beef rib soup is fully cooked, it is ready to be served with steamed rice. This soup pairs perfectly with a glass of fruit juice or a rich, vitamin- and mineral-packed juice. 'The refreshing taste of this soup can boost our immune system. The combination of starfruit, tomatoes, and chili creates a harmonious blend of sour, sweet, and spicy flavors,' concludes Chef Herman.

Chef Herman explains that there are two methods to ensure that the beef ribs are tender and succulent when cooked. The first method involves using a pressure cooker, while the second involves simmering the beef ribs with spices for two hours. Guests can enjoy this delicious Serani Braised Beef Rib Soup for only Rp. 68,000 net per portion from May to July at favehotel Sidoarjo.