08 Feb 2024
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Jakarta, 2 February 2024 - Anticipate a wave of excitement as favehotels, a premier establishment under Archipelago International, introduces two enticing initiatives to redefine your travel experience - the favefriday 2.2 flash sale and the clickNcatch Flamingos campaign.


To enhance your getaway, the "favefriday 2.2 flash sale" offers an exclusive 35% discount on stays at favehotels across Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, and Bandung. Mark your calendars for February 2, 2024, and enjoy the flexibility to book stays between February 2 and May 31, 2024. Focus on delivering an unforgettable experience, favehotels by Archipelago International beckon you to create quality time with your loved ones through affordable escapes and priceless family moments.


Simultaneously, favehotels launches the interactive 'clickNcatch Flamingos' campaign, coinciding with the launch of their new website at https://www.favehotels.com/en. Embark on a virtual scavenger hunt as flamingo icons are scattered across the website. Clicking on these icons will give you a chance to win enticing hotel discount vouchers. The vouchers include:


IDR 50,000 = 30 vouchers

IDR 75,000 = 4 vouchers

IDR 100,000 = 2 vouchers

Above : favehotel Kartika Plaza Kuta , favehotel Pamanukan, favehotel Sidoarjo


The campaign, spanning 7 days from February 3 to February 10, 2024, encourages participants to engage with the brand through an immersive experience.


"We are thrilled to introduce these exciting initiatives at favehotels, aimed at redefining the way our guests experience travel. The favefriday 2.2 flash sale and clickNcatch Flamingos campaign reflect our commitment to providing exceptional value and unforgettable moments. We invite everyone to embark on a journey of affordable escapes and create cherished memories with their loved ones. These initiatives exemplify our dedication to delivering more than just accommodation – it's about crafting a canvas where travel becomes an art form, and favehotels is your brushstroke of unforgettable experiences," stated Chris Legaspi, Vice President of Commercial at Archipelago International.


The clickNcatch Flamingos campaign is strategically designed not only to captivate participants but also to increase web traffic and engage the audience through an exciting interactive experience. The intuitive design of the new website ensures a seamless user experience, allowing visitors to navigate and explore the offerings of favehotels easily.

Above: Website favehotels Homepage, Special For You Section


As the campaigns unfold, favehotels continues to exemplify its dedication to providing more than just accommodation. It's about creating a journey towards affordable escape and unforgettable moments. The favefriday 2.2 flash sale and clickNcatch Flamingos campaign serve as invitations to a world where travel is an art form, a canvas upon which favehotels paints unforgettable memories.