favehotel Manahan Solo15 Feb 2024
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In January 2024, the favehotel Manahan Solo celebrates its twelfth birthday, falling on January 17, In January 2024, the favehotel Manahan Solo celebrated its twelfth birthday on January 17, 2024. For this occasion, the favehotel Manahan Solo held a special event for the attendees of the General Staff Meeting (GSM), in the Safron meeting room at the favehotel Manahan Solo.

"The event was held as a thanks to the management and staff who have been working so hard shoulder-to-shoulder to make the favehotel Manahan Solo the budget hotel of choice for tourists during their visit to the city of Solo. This year's theme is Growing in Harmony, where we want to grow together by creating harmony between employees and society aimed at delivering the best service for each stakeholder." Khuswatus Solikhin –  Hotel Manager, favehotel Solo (Manahan Solo dan Solo Baru).

The General Staff Meeting event included the steering committee of the Room Division team (front office department, engineering department, and housekeeping department). The theme of the event was Rock in Fave, as seen in the Safron meeting room decor and with the participants wearing rock and roll costumes.

The event began with a warm welcome from the hotel manager of favehotel Solo, an upbeat performance by opening band of the room division team, and cutting the tart cake as symbolic of the 12th anniversary of favehotel Manahan Solo. A variety of races made the event even more celebratory.

Furthermore, favehotel Manahan Solo organized a giveaway on Instagram and TikTok. The fortunate winners would enjoy a complimentary one-night stay in the faveroom, inclusive of breakfast and dinner for two. Participating in the contest was simple – create an engaging video review, post it on Instagram tagging @favehotelamanahansolo, or on TikTok using the handle @favehotelsolo.