Celebrating the 6th Anniversary of favehotel Madiun, Mayor of Madiun Receives CSR for Stunting Prevention in Madiun City
favehotel Madiun10 Jan 2024
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Madiun - Turning six years old, favehotel Madiun hosted a series of activities with the theme Gratitude. After being inaugurated on January 10, 2018, exactly on January 10, 2024, favehotel Madiun celebrated its 6th birthday in the hotel lobby with the Mayor of Madiun.

"After adopting the Superstar theme last year, this year we want to manifest gratitude at the age of 6. With the theme Gratitude, we want to express our thanks to everyone who has been entrusted to collaborate in advancing the city of Madiun for 6 years. Our hope is to continue to be trusted and always be at the forefront," said Mira Kiranasasi, General Manager of ASTON and favehotel Madiun.