favehotel Manahan Solo05 Jan 2024
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After successfully holding a Mother's Day cooking battle in 2022, this year favehotel Solo (Manahan Solo and Solo Baru) is holding another cooking battle with the theme of dishes made from tubers in collaboration with Bhayangkari Sukoharjo Regency and KCK Cab XLVII Dim 0726/Sukoharjo to take part in the cooking battle.

"We are carrying the theme of Women's Work for National Achievement, where we want to realize more about the struggles of women, especially mothers, who have a very important function and role in the family, organization, society, and for the nation. Many of Mother's works can provide achievements for the Indonesian nation." Apart from that, this activity is also an opportunity to strengthen friendships at the end of this year." Said Khuswatus Solikhin,  Hotel Manager of favehotel Solo (Manahan Solo and Solo Baru).

The cooking battle will be held on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, at the Rosemary meeting room at the favehotel Solo Baru. The event started promptly at noon with a luncheon and welcoming remarks from Lt. Col. Czi Slamet Riyadi, S.E. Dandim 0726/Sukoharjo, and AKBP Sigit, Sukoharjo Police Chief.

As a form of appreciation to commemorate Mother's Day, favehotel Solo handed over a symbolic flower bouquet to Stevie Slamet Riyadi, Chair of Persit KCK Kab. XLVII, Desmalia Sigit, Chairperson of Bhayangkari Sukoharjo Regency, AKP Marlin Supu Payu, SH, Head of Grogol and Nawengrum Police Nursari Bodro, SH, S.P.D., Chairperson of PKK sub-district. Grogol.

For this cooking battle, each participant could not guess the contents of the box provided by favehotel Solo. They will be creative according to the main ingredients and complementary materials that have been provided on their respective tables. The basic ingredients for this competition are cassava, potatoes,  and breadfruit. Allow 60 minutes of cooking time to create a snack that can be enjoyed.

For this cooking battle, participants competed for prizes: microwave ovens from Artugo, overnight vouchers from favehotel Manahan Solo and Solo Baru, cooking spices from Kokita, necessities from Sania, and cooking utensils from Signora.