favehotel Solo Baru05 Jan 2024
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To liven up the 2023 Christmas celebrations, favehotel Solo (Manahan Solo and Solo Baru) created Christmas trees made from coconut coir.

"Our concept is to support the Go Green program, where in 2022 we will use teak leaves and in 2021 we will use tree branches, and this time we will use coconut coir, to grow our team's creativity for unique work. Our team's work has received appreciation and positive comments from guests staying at our hotel. "We hope that we will continue to innovate and create while maintaining and preserving the natural ecosystem, which has provided extraordinary benefits to all of us." Said Khuswatus Solikhin,  Hotel Manager of favehotel Solo (Manahan Solo and Solo Baru).

Khuswatus Solikhin,  Hotel Manager of favehotel Solo, stated that "the philosophy of selecting this material is that we want favehotel Solo to be useful for others, just as coconut trees are useful from the roots to the leaves."

Making a Christmas tree at the favehotel Manahan Solo, 3.5 meters high with a diameter of 2 meters, requires 75 kg of coconut fiber and takes 3 days to make. Meanwhile, the favehotel Solo Baru has a height of 6 meters and a diameter of 3 meters and requires 500 kg of coconut coir. The work process at the favehotel Solo Baru took 7 days, starting with collecting the head coir, which was difficult to obtain because it was already the rainy season. We dried this material in the sun and aired it before assembling it into a Christmas tree.

The basic material for Christmas trees is coconut coir, obtained from UMKM around the hotel area. To add artistic value, there are ornaments and Christmas knick-knacks placed on the Christmas tree.

This unique Christmas tree, placed in the lobby of favehotel Solo for one month, apart from decorating the hotel lobby area, can also be used as a photo spot for visitors to immortalize memories during their stay at favehotel Solo (Manahan Solo and Solo Baru).

After the Christmas and New Year 2024 period is over, the coconut coir will be handed over to the village closest to the hotel area, where it can be used as material for making organic fertilizer or as a planting medium because coconut fiber can bind and store water strongly.