Pampering Guests, favehotel Diponegoro Semarang Launches Special Family Room
favehotel Simpang Lima Semarang29 Nov 2023
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favehotel Diponegoro Semarang Introduces "faveroom family" for Family Accommodation

favehotel Diponegoro Semarang has launched "faveroom family," a new room category specifically designed for families. This step is taken to meet the accommodation needs, especially for families.

Yudha Pranoto, the Hotel Manager of favehotel Diponegoro Semarang, stated that this spacious family room is dedicated to guests staying with their families.

Yudha Pranoto explained that the introduction of this special family room is in response to the upcoming year-end holidays, considering the high demand for family-specific accommodations.

"With the holiday season approaching and the demand for family stays, we provide faveroom family to cater to the needs of large families planning to vacation in Semarang. By adding this new room category, we aim to increase hotel occupancy, ensuring that the accommodation needs of families are met," said Yudha Pranoto.

favehotel Diponegoro Semarang started offering faveroom family from the beginning of this year. As of now, the hotel has six faveroom family units, and this number is expected to grow as these rooms are consistently booked by visitors almost every day.

Faveroom family comes with complete facilities such as a bedroom for three people, breakfast for three people, a 32-inch Android TV with 50 local and international channels, complete amenities for three people, Wi-Fi access up to 100 Mbps, and free favehotels' signature lollipops for children.

"When you stay in the faveroom family, you will be treated to a delightful view of Semarang City," he added.

In the evening, guests don't need to go far to find Semarang's local cuisine. favehotel Diponegoro offers a variety of Semarang's signature dishes that can be enjoyed with the family in the room or at Lime Restaurant & Balcony.

"For those who want to explore Semarang, favehotel Diponegoro Semarang's location in the city center and near the Simpanglima Semarang tourist center provides easy access to attractions like Kota Lama, Simpanglima, Lawangsewu, Taman Indonesia Kaya, Sampookong, and many more Semarang tourist destinations that are worth exploring," he explained.

Make your reservations now and enjoy the beauty and hospitality of the people of Semarang, creating beautiful memories during your family vacation in the city. For those interested in staying with their family at favehotel Diponegoro Semarang, please contact the hotel's reservation admin at 0813-9277-8087 or check the website diponegoro.favehotels.com and Instagram @favehotelsemarang.