favehotel Losari - Makassar is a trendy budget hotel. Dashing guestrooms that work well and are fun and fresh, a friendly and hip environment at a price point that leaves money in your pockets, uncompromising standards for cleanliness and safety and these with the action of downtown Makassar right at your doorstep.

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Jl. Daeng Tompo No.28-36 Losari Makassar,South Sulawesi Indonesia



Akkarena Beach

Akkarena Beach

Akkarena beach is located at the coastal side of the city of Makassar. Akkarena beach is a stunning black sand beach and a great choice for hanging out with family. It offers a variety of water games facilities such as jet ski and banana boat. Akkaraena Beach is 10-minutes drive away from favehotel Losari. 

Losari Beach

Losari beach is the icon of Makassar city and located in the heart of Makassar. It used to title as the beach with longest desk in Indonesia, probably the world. It used to have many food line-up along the beach shore.Most of the people come to Losari beach to see the sunrise and sunset, enjoy the local food and take a selfie with the new iconic Pantai Losari signboard. Losari Beach is located 3-minutes walk from favehotel Losari Makassar.

Fort Rotterdam

Fort Rotterdam

Standing majestically at the western coast of Makassar, Fort Rotterdam is recognized as the city’s most iconic landmark. With historical traces dating back to the Kingdom of Gowa from the 16th century to colonization by the Dutch, this Fort has silently witnessed many episodes in Makassar’s history, playing a most essential role in its development. Fort Rotterdam is located only 5-minutes drive from favehotel Losari Makassar

Somba Opu Shopping Center

Somba Opu is the perfect place to find authentic oleh-oleh from Makassar. You can find a row of gold and silver shops selling fine filigree work from Kendari. Feast your eyes on precious and semi-precious stones mined in Kalimantan, fine wood carvings from Bali, natural and cultivated pearls from the deep seas of Ambon and Papua and mother-of-pearl paintings. Also handicrafts and hand-woven cloths from the Toraja highlands. Somba Opu Shopping Center is located near Losari Beach and only 3-minutes drive from favehotel Losari Makassar. 

Trans Studio Theme Park

Trans Studio Theme Park

Trans Studio is the world's third-largest indoor theme park, located in the heart of Makassar. Trans Studio have 22 attractions and various entertainment in 4 area that provide different concept and theme. Trans Studio Theme Park is also connects to TransMall, one of the biggest shopping mall in Makassar. It is located 10-minutes drive from favehotel Losari Makassar.