Favehotel Ahmad Yani – Banjarmasin is  strategically located between Syamsudin Noor Airport and city center of Banjarmasin. With such an ideal address, guests staying at favehotel Ahmad Yani-Banjarmasin can enjoy the city’s distinct charm and the urban culture of Kalimantan.


Jl Ahmad Yani Km.2 No.35



Duta Mall

Duta Mall

DUTA MALL is a Banjarmasin city facility capable of providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere in shopping and recreation which includes Trade Center, Mall, Hotel and is located on 80,000 m2 land. Duta Mall is the first and largest mall in South Kalimantan, developed and managed by PT. Tata Optima Property. As a manager, we always strive to develop new concepts in improving the quality of Shopping Center

Mesjid Raya

Mesjid Raya “Sabilal Muhtadin” the biggest Mosque in Banjarmasin,10 minutes by drive
Description: Sabilal Muhtadin is the largest mosque in Banjarmasin, Indonesia, in terms of capacity to accommodate people. The name chosen for this Banjarmasin Sultan Mosque is a tribute and appreciation to the late Grand Scholars, Sheikh Muhammad al-Banjary Arsyad (1710 – 1812 AD), who had developed Islam in the kingdom of Banjar or South Kalimantan region now

Klenteng Soetji Nurani

Klenteng Soetji Nurani

Klenteng “Soetji Nurani” the oldest Klenteng in Banjarmasin, 10 minutes by drive
Description : The temple was built in 1898 AD by two generals from China. The two generals were The Sin Yoe and Ang Lin Thay. They arrived at Banjarmasin as a merchant, then initiated the construction of these two temples. The ambassador was deliberately near Jalan Veteran which has always been a residence center The Chinese in Banjarmasin

Menara Pandang

Menara Pandang the Unique building with a river view beside Martapura River,10 minutes by drive Banjarmasin Pandang Tower is currently one of the tourist attractions Banjarmasin most visitors both Banjarmasin residents themselves and tourists from outside the region. This tower became a new tourist icon this past year in the city of Banjarmasin, in addition to floating market, Masjid Raya Sabilal Muhtadin, Masjid Sultan Suriansyah and Masjid Jami 'Banjarmasin.
Banjarmasin Tower is located at Siring Jalan Captain Pierre Tendean Banjarmasin. Its position is near the floating market made by the Government of Banjarmasin City on the banks of the Martapura River. This view tower is open every Monday to Friday at 10:00 to 21:00 pm. Saturday is open at 10:00 to 22:00 pm and on Sunday is open at 08.00-21.00 WITA. Visitors also consisted of all ages and ages, from small children, teenagers and parents.Ikon tourist who became one of the enchantment City banjarmasin is often filled with citizens every day, especially during Sunday from morning to evening and even night. This four-storey view tower, on the top or third floor of this tower is an open area. So, the visitors can climb up and enjoy the beautiful view of Banjarmasin City from above, especially if the weather is sunny.

Bekantan giant statue

Bekantan giant statue

Primate animals named bekantan found mostly in the island of Borneo. In South Kalimantan, these animals are scattered in the forests as in Bakut Island, for example.
No wonder if this animal is also used as an icon of South Kalimantan Province in addition to the floating market. In Banjarmasin as the capital of South Kalimantan, recently there is a large enough defender statue.
The statue worth Rp 2.6 billion was made by the Government of Banjarmasin City and placed on the edge of the Martapura River on Jalan Captain Pierre Tendean is expected to be a new tourist magnet in Banjarmasin.
In this siring there are other tourist destinations such as Tower Pandang and floating market made by the Government of Banjarmasin. Now, the tour magnet is supplemented by the presence of this nose-and-white-skinned ape statue.
The position of this statue is located some distance from Menara Pandang and floating market, but still one area. It is right opposite Taher Square, near the Goddess Bridge
Statue as high as 6.5 meters has just been placed has been hunted by residents for a place to relax. Although siring nearby is still in development stage and looks not so neat, but day and night the area around the statue is always crowded with visitors. The visitors usually take pictures there