favehotel Cimanuk – Garut located in the heart of Garut (West Java), in one of the city’s most accessible central locations makes the best choice for being your budget oriented accommodation. favehotel Cimanuk – Garut have many facilities including swimming pool, 6 modern meeting rooms, coffee shop and parking place  with a lot space



Jl. Cimanuk No. 338, Tarogong Kidul, Garut, Jawa Barat, 44151



Pasar Ceplak

Pasar Ceplak

Here's one in Garut culinary "Pasar Ceplak", here available variety of foods and snacks all the long way on the street. Only 10 minutes to reach here.

Sentra Kulit Sukaregang

About 15 minutes to Garut leather center from our hotel, this most wanted place to buy some leather craft, in this place you can find leather craft with good quality.       

Darajat Pass

Darajat Pass

Located in the highland of Darajat, in here available waterboom with natural hot spring water. This place good for play fun with healty. About 1 hours to reach here.

Dodol Picnic Factory

Dodol is Garut icon, and one of the best producer of dodol maker is Picnic. Remember Garut, Remember Dodol Picnic. 20 minutes you can find this place.

Situ Cangkuang

Situ Cangkuang

You will find Cangkuang Temple, ethnic village (Kampung Pulo) in Situ Cangkuang cross by bamboo raft. Only Need 45 minutes to be here from favehotel Cimanuk - Garut.