Centrally located in the heart of Yogyakarta, favehotel Kusumanegara is uniquely designed, moderately priced hotel with a Fun atmosphere, Fresh attitude and Friendly services. Just minutes from the famous shopping malls, the surrounding dining destinations, perfectly situated for all business and leisure needs, easy acces of the city's most famous tourist attractions and the historical royal heritages, just 10 minutes to the sultan's Palace,10 minutes to the Malioboro shopping area, 7 minutes from Jogja Expo Center and 5 minutes to the Gembira loka zoo Park, nearby to the government offices, university area, Mandala Krida Stadium, Among Rogo Sport Center  and eassy access to the Airport and Train Station.


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De Mata Museum

De Mata Museum

Only 7 minutes from Favehotel Kusumanegara, In this tourist attraction visitors can feel the sensation 3D with a variety of poses and backgrounds like real. XT Square is located in Yogyakarta, De Mata Museum has a collection of more than 120 3D images.
This 3D image Museum presents various images 3d art ranging from the theme of nature, sports, numbers, animals, super heroes, romance, circus, ornaments, including objects and performances Kraton Jogja

Adisucipto International Airport

Less than 20 minutes drive from favehotel Kusumanegara. Also known as the Adisutjipto International Airport, this is the main airport for Yogyakarta. 

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple

Candi Prambanan temple or Roro Jonggrang is the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia, which was built in the 9th century BC. This temple is dedicated to Trimurti, the three main Hindu gods Brahma as the creator god, the god Vishnu as the preserver, and Shiva the god of destruction. Based on the inscriptions Siwagrha original name of this temple complex is Siwagrha (Sanskrit which means 'house of Shiva'), and indeed in garbagriha (main hall) of this temple sits a statue of Shiva Mahadeva three meters high which shows that in this temple of Lord Shiva is preferred.

The temple complex is located in the district of Prambanan, Sleman Yogyakarta. Only 30 minutes from favehotel Kusumanegara. 

Taman Pintar

Called "Taman Pintar”, because in this region began pre-school to high school can freely deepen understanding about learning materials that have been received at school and at play.



Jalan Malioboro (English: Malioboro Street) is a major shopping street in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; the name is also used more generally for the neighborhood around the street. It lies north-south axis in the line between Yogyakarta Kraton and Mount Merapi. This is in itself is significant to many of the local population, the north–south orientation between the palace and the volcano being of importance.

The street is the centre of Yogyakarta's largest tourist district surrounded with many hotels, restaurants, and shops nearby. Sidewalks on both sides of the street are crowded with small stalls selling a variety of goods. In the evening several open-air street side restaurants, called lesehan, operate along the street. This is the street of the artists. Street musicians, painters, and other artists exhibit their creations on this road. Less obvious to the tourist, but more for the local population, side streets, lanes and structures that lead on to Malioboro are as important as the street itself.

Jogja Expo Center

Only 5 minutess from Favehotel Kusumanegara, JEC ( jogja Expo Center )  is an integrated building constructed by the City Government of Yogyakarta to facilitate MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) under one roof. The building is equipped with modern facilities and infrastructure that supports the organization of various activities. Events are often held in this place among other exhibitions, graduations, weddings to international conferences.



Kotagede (also Kota Gede, Javanese for "Big City") is a historic neighborhood in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The name was also used for the administrative district (kecamatan) of the same name in the City of Yogyakarta. Kotagede contains the remains of the first capital of Mataram Sultanate, established in the 16th century. Some of the remains of the old Kotagede are remains of the palace, the royal cemetery, the royal mosque, and defensive walls and moats. Kotagede is well known internationally by its silver crafting. Less than 10 minutes from Favehotel Kusumanegara. 

Gembira Loka Zoo

Just 5 minutes from Favehotel Kusumanegara Gembira Loka Zoo is a zoological garden located at Yogyakarta Special Region in Java, Indonesia. Gembira Loka Zoo was opened in 1956 and comprises a botanical garden, orchid nursery, artificial lake, children's park, numerous bridges across the Gajahwong River, and a collection of approximately 470 animals, most notable of which are its Komodo dragons, orang-utans, gibbons, and a hippopotamus. The park is 54 acres in size.

Fort Vredeburg Museum

Fort Vredeburg Museum

Former colonial fortress, now converted into a museum depicting Indonesian’s struggle for independence.

Mandala Krida Stadium

Large Stadium in Yogyakarta, used mostly for football matches, concerts, presidential campaigns and Eid prayers.