favehotel Sidoarjo is the budget hotel in the city with a fun, fresh and friendly concept. The hotel also has large meeting rooms and a ballroom for capacity up to 500 pax with a round table style. favehotel Sidoarjo offering a unique concept with graffiti art painting.

5 minutes to Mpu Tantular Museum, 5 minutes to Jayandaru Monument (Alun-Alun Sidoarjo), 30 minutes to Lapindo Mudflow, 10 minutes to Kampoeng Batik Jetis, 30 minutes from Juanda International Airport, 20 minutes from Purabaya Bus Station, 10 minutes from Sidoarjo Train Station, 15 minutes from Sidoarjo Toll Gate.


+62 821 4338 3200

Jl. Jenggolo No. 15 Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, 61219



Suroboyo Carnival Park

Suroboyo Carnival Park

Fun night-time family amusement park, roller coasters, bumper cars, ferris wheel, suitable for all ages.

Jayandaru Monument

Sculpture by Wayan Winten, symbolic monument in People’s Park, depicting the hardworking people of Sidoarjo.

Delta Fishing

Delta Fishing

Fun day out, fishing arenas, numerous ponds, swimming pools, cycling, play areas, flying fox, restaurants.

Mpu Tantular Museum

Mpu Tantular Museum showcases local culture and history, displaying antiques, historic objects and royal relics.

Al-Akbar Mosque

Al-Akbar Mosque

Known as Great Mosque of Surabaya, distinctive large vertical dome, minaret height of 99 meters.

Jala Siddhi Amertha Temple

Hindu Temple for pray and meditation, this temple is often hired to hold wedding receptions.

Sidoarjo Mud Flow

Sidoarjo Mud Flow

Mud monument is to remember the victims of the Lapindo mud volcano tragedy in Sidoarjo.

Pari Temple

14th century historic Hindu Temple of the Kingdom of Majapahit, located in Candi Pari village.

Lusi Island

Lusi Island

Island now formed from the volcanic mud, Tlocor Maritime is the perfect sunrise viewing spot.  

Jetis Batik Village

Production center of an old village of batik craftsmen namely Jetis village established in 1675.