A stylish budget hotel located in Karawang - West Java. Conveniently located inside the strategic Karawang industrial hub, favehotel Karawang is the first Archipelago International hotel. This budget Hotel is a crisp addition to the area and a favorite accommodation choice for business travelers.

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Wonderland Adventures Karawang

Wonderland Adventures Karawang

Wonderland Adventure Waterpark (WAW) is the biggest water park in Karawang which is equipped with three swimming pools with the concept of Adventure. Gorilla Slide, a slide with a height of 14 meters above ground level with a length of 120 meters is the main icon of Wonderland Adventure WaterPark. The Waterpark is located only 10 minutes drive from favehotel Karawang.

Walahar Weir

Walahar Weir or often called Walahar Dam is one of the buildings of the Dutch colonial era that still exists and is firmly standing in Karawang. Walahar Dam is used to regulate Citarum river water discharge and to irrigate rice fields in Karawang Regency covering an area of ??87,396 hectares. Walahar Dam forms a ± 15-hectare reservoir.

The Walahar Dam construction project was started in 1923 by the Dutch under the supervision of a Dutch water expert named C. Swaan Koopman. Walahar Dam began to be used on November 30, 1925. This dam was built transversely on the Citarum River so that the dam was covering an area of ??± 50 meters. Dam building consists of 3 parts, namely the bottom, which is a water-retaining door, amounting to 5 doors; the second part is a 3-meter bridge, connecting Klari and Anggadita; and the third part is the engine room to regulate the dam system. The Walahar dam gate was renovated in 1989 and rehabilitated in 2009. Walahar Weir is located only its 30 minutes drive from favehotel Karawang.

Cipule Lake

Cipule Lake

Lake Cipule formed as a human exploration with sand miners, this lake is right on the edge of the Citarum River. It’s not only wide but also quite deep, but nature has changed its form so it became the natural beauty around the lake.

This lake is often used for numerous competitions such as the Paddle Competition at PORPROV X JABAR, also used for the ASEAN JUNIOR Rowing Competition in 2006. The location of Lake Cipule is located in Walahar Village, Ciampel District 11 km from the Capital City of Karawang Regency and its 35 minutes drive from favehotel Karawang.

Cigentis Waterfall

Cigentis Waterfall or often called as Curug Cigentis rises at an altitude of 25 meters and stretches as wide as three meters with fairly heavy water discharge. The charm of its beauty is increasingly attractive with the presence of green plants around the cliff. Some pools can be used for swimming or playing water. Cigentis waterfall is still in a protected forest area. In the vicinity there are still several other waterfalls that are no less beautiful. If you are still curious, you can continue your journey to Curug Bandung, Curug Cipanunda, Curug Cikoleangkak and Curug Cikarapyak. Visitors who bring children can take the baby to play in the mini Waterboom. This location is also frequented by mountain bike lovers and also provides outbound facilities. Curug Cigentis located 1 hour drive from favehotel Karawang.