With a superb location, favehotel Tuban - East Java is just footsteps from this surrounding natural beauty, from sublime beaches to the stunning caves, the beautiful North Coast far from the daily grind but close to creature comforts and fascinating sights. As a home to a number of trading factories and one of Java’s leading seaports, Tuban is also famous for its unique Batik creations, and is known as the "City of a Thousand Caves" with amazing, tropical culture to explore. 

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Jl. Basuki Rachmad 215-217, Tuban 62315- East Java,Indonesia



Kwan Sing Bio Temple

Kwan Sing Bio Temple

Kwan Sing Bio is known as the biggest temple in Southeast Asia, the only one using crab symbol since most of the temples have a symbol of the dragon and peacock. Located faces ocean, believed as the place of religious duties that really good for prayed. Only 5 minutes drive from favehotel Tuban - East Java.

Nglirip Waterfall

Nglirip Waterfall is formed by the dam and is located on a side street. At a height of 30 meters and width of 28 meters, from the side of the road, the visitors will see the water falling from the cliff over which there is a small bridge beneath. For those who want to witness the waterfall closer, it is advisable to be careful, for the road is slippery and having the rocky path. It takes 1-hour drive from favehotel Tuban - East Java.

Remen beach

Remen beach

Remen beach has a beautiful scenery,  in the form of white sand that stretches very wide, with a fairly calm flow of water Equipped with facilities for comfortable gathering for youth or above. Located in Remen village, Jenu district, Remen Beach can be reached by various public transportation facilities among other Intercity buses Semarang majors, or public transportation with majors Bancar. It takes 30 minutes drive from favehotel Tuban - East Java.

Sowan beach

Sowan beach is a natural and a coastal tourist attraction in the west of Tuban district. The atmosphere is very cool and shady though it's located on the coast. On the beach, there is the coral wall that juts into the sea and white sand. The visitors who come can enjoy the cool beach while fishing or enjoy seafood at food stalls around the beach. Precisely located in Sowan Hamlet, Bogorejo Village, Bancar District, or about 45 minutes from favehotel Tuban - East Java.

Mangrove Center Tuban

Mangrove Center Tuban

Mangrove Center Tuban is an environmental education center and the sea coast in Tuban, East Java. This place is perfect for you and your family to enjoy the beach and acknowledging about the environment, especially in coastal areas. Providing facilities such as a mini forest, a green area, with shady and beautiful pine trees and other facilities for recreation. Mangrove Center Tuban is located on the north coast of Tuban district, East Java Jl. Raya Tuban-Semarang KM 9 Jenu Village, about 20 minutes from favehotel Tuban-East Java.

Akbar cave

Goa Akbar or Akbar cave, is the legendary cave in Tuban. This miracles cave was well-known as a hidden place of Raden Mas Sahid, with his popular name “Sunan Kalijaga” in 17th century. It is a beautiful natural cave, charming of its huge spaces, long tunnels, well maintained freshwater ponds and goldfishes, also stalactites and stalagmites beautify this cave. The cava is located in the centre of the town behind the traditional market “Pasar Baru”, Only 5 minutes drive from favehotel Tuban - East Java.