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Masjid Dian Al Mahri (Kubah Emas)

Masjid Dian Al Mahri (Kubah Emas)

Dian Al-Mahri Mosque is the golden dome mosque that became an icon of pride in Depok. As the name alone we already know that the characteristic possessed this mosque is a mosque golden dome lit up.
Besides that, the architecture of the mosque is almost similar to the architecture of the Middle East. While visiting Masjiud Dian Al Mahri we can find five domes of four small domes and one large dome. This magnificent mosque is located on Highway Maruyung, District Limo, Depok. Every day visitors are visiting the sites in Cianjur inhi was never lonely.

Taman Bunga Wiladatika

The park is known to the public by another name Depok Flower Garden Cibubur which has an area of about 32 ha. Garden Flowers Wiladatika in 1980 was inaugurated by President Suharto. After the launch Flowers Wiladatika Parks became an icon of leisure travel and means of raising funds for various scout activities in Depok.
At the park, there are sports hall and conference hall which provides facilities such as a swimming pool Special children and adults, outbound travel, tennis courts and other facilities.

D Kandang Amazing Farm

D Kandang Amazing Farm

D Kandang Amazing Farm becomes a vehicle for educational tour which provides a cozy atmosphere and beautiful as well as the various elements of the game. Tourist attractions in Bogor has an area of about 8 hectares, which transformed into a vehicle for games and educational for children.
Children can interact with a variety of farm animals let alone cows, goats, horses and cattle. In addition, your child can also give fodder, milking cows, and a variety of other educational activities. This educational tourist spot located in District Sawangan District, Depok, West Java.

Depok Fantasi Water Park

Depok also has rides, no less with subordinate game in Asia. The game rides are recreation park Depok Fantasi Water Park. Tourist attractions in Depok is not much different from Pasir Putih Tourism Park which offers a variety of water attractions.
The game is in Depok Fantasi Water Park including a giant slide, a children's pool, Esthatic Tower and a variety of other exciting rides. Depok Fantasi Water Park is one of the tourist icon in Depok and surrounding areas.