29 July 2023


Pamanukan, July 2023 - Archipelago International is organizing the 26th edition of the Archipelago Food Festival (AFF) to support the promotion of Indonesian cuisine, which this time is hosted at favehotel Pamanukan. The food festival event is taking place on Saturday, July 29, 2023, at Lime Cafe & Resto in favehotel Pamanukan. This edition of AFF is supported and enlivened by 13 Executive Chefs from various hotel brands under the Archipelago International umbrella in the Jakarta and West Java areas.

The Archipelago Food Festival at favehotel Pamanukan is themed "Pamanukan Culinary Feast," with 13 Executive Chefs from Archipelago International collaborating to present delicious dishes from Indonesian and Asian cuisines. The chefs are led by Chef Windoe, the Corporate Executive Chef of Archipelago International. The 12 other chefs participating in this event include Chef Risman, the Corporate Pastry Chef of Archipelago International, Chef Riswan from favehotel Pamanukan, Chef Waryoto from favehotel Pamanukan, Chef Hadhi from Harper M.T. Haryono, Chef Sucipto from Harper Purwakarta, Chef Sigit from Harper Cikarang, Chef Febri from ASTON Pasteur, Chef Guntur from favehotel LTC Glodok, Chef Hasan from favehotel Tasikmalaya, Chef Greta from ASTON Bekasi, Chef Kuzaini from ASTON Cirebon, and Chef Raehanum from Harper Purwakarta.

"We are proud to host the Archipelago Food Festival with the theme 'Pamanukan Culinary Feast' at favehotel Pamanukan. This event is a grand culinary affair featuring talented chefs from Archipelago International. With a variety of dishes from the Indonesian archipelago, Asia, and the Western world, we are excited to invite visitors from Pamanukan and Subang to savor these delights. This event also aims to introduce and promote favehotel Pamanukan as the only starred hotel in Pamanukan with Archipelago International standards," said Bintang Adhipradipta, the Hotel Manager of favehotel Pamanukan.

The Pamanukan Culinary Feast features approximately 90 food items and 13 types of beverages, all expertly prepared by the chefs from Archipelago International. This 25th Food Festival offers a wide range of dishes, from local to international, including Japchae, Chicken Yakitori, Chicken Dynamite, Smoked Chicken Betutu, Mie Tasik Ayam Kampung, Sate Ayam Klatak, Smoked Beef Brisket Pizza, Korean Chicken Ginseng, Korean Baby Potato, Es Teler Cake, Raspberry Mousse, Temulawak, and many more. Throughout the Archipelago Food Festival - Pamanukan Culinary Feast, guests are entertained by a live band and traditional Jaipong dance performances, a Javanese West Java tradition.

"Every city in Indonesia has its own uniqueness. Archipelago Food Festival serves not only as a culinary promotion platform but also as an opportunity to showcase the potential of each region. The production of local free-range chicken, for example, has been diminishing in Pamanukan, which is why we are presenting a variety of delicious dishes made from local free-range chicken at this event, allowing guests to experience the local flavors that we celebrate," said Windoe, the Executive Chef of Archipelago International.

Through the hosting of the Archipelago Food Festival - Pamanukan Culinary Feast at favehotel Pamanukan, it is hoped that the name of favehotel Pamanukan will become more recognized by the public. Additionally, this event is expected to support tourism and the growth of the culinary industry in Pamanukan, Subang, and the surrounding areas.

"We are delighted to organize the Archipelago Food Festival in various regions of Indonesia, and holding it in Pamanukan this time makes us even more enthusiastic! Our primary goal is to share the extraordinary culinary traditions of Indonesia and demonstrate the exceptional skills of our amazing team to our exceptional guests throughout Indonesia," said Winston Hanes, Vice President of Operations at Archipelago International.