Introducing Pound Fit Exercise, favehotel Sidoarjo Gains Enthusiasm from 150 Participants

10 June 2023

Introducing Pound Fit Exercise, favehotel Sidoarjo Gains Enthusiasm from 150 Participants

Sidoarjo, June 10th, 2023 - A Pound Fit exercise session with the theme 'Saturday Fit & Have Fun' occurred at favehotel Sidoarjo. Many members of the general public and hotel staff representatives attended this energetic and fun event. The hotel, which has 118 rooms and is located at Jalan Jenggolo No. 15, Sidoarjo, also welcomed members from the local Sidoarjo Pound Fit community to join the event.

Commencing at 5:10 PM and concluding at 8:00 PM, the event witnessed a resounding success with the enthusiastic participation of 150 attendees. Among the participants were favehotel Sidoarjo staff, hotel guests, and individuals from the general public. Led by the talented Pound Pro Ema, the crowd eagerly followed the invigorating movements throughout the entire duration of the activity.

'It was truly impressive! The energetic and rhythmic movements kept me excited throughout the event. This event perfectly combines healthy activities with fun, allowing me to burn calories while having a great time. Besides being beneficial for health and fitness, events like this can also be a means of socializing,' said Elsa Wilatama, one of the Pound Fit participants today.

Filled with vibrant music and a lively ambiance, the parking area of favehotel Sidoarjo became an exuberant and cheerful space. Alongside Pound Fit, favehotel Sidoarjo frequently arranges a diverse range of health-focused activities including Zumba, yoga, and group jogging. Demonstrating their dedication to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, favehotel Sidoarjo continues to support guests and the local community in their pursuit of wellness.

'We are delighted to see the enthusiasm and high participation of the participants. This event manifests favehotel Sidoarjo's commitment to supporting a healthy and active lifestyle for guests and the local community. We hope this event can inspire and motivate more people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and bring fun moments into their sports activities,' said Dwi Rahmasari, the Human Resource Manager of favehotel Sidoarjo.