favehotel Tuban's Anniversary Event Takes Place with Warmth and Joy Amongst the Staff

16 August 2023

favehotel Tuban's Anniversary Event Takes Place with Warmth and Joy Amongst the Staff

On August 16, 2023, the pinnacle of favehotel Tuban's 9th-anniversary celebration finally took place. This closing event marked the culmination of a series of activities that had been ongoing since June, including Zumba dances, futsal competitions, blood donation drives, as well as religious lectures and charitable acts towards orphans. The entire series of events unfolded with joy and warmth among the staff and employees of favehotel Tuban.

Skolastika Karmila Lilis, the owner of favehotel Tuban, graced the occasion alongside her youngest son, Farrel Invan Wirawan. In her welcoming speech, the Semarang-based entrepreneur expressed her delight at the successful execution of various activities by the favehotel Tuban team. Furthermore, Lilis introduced an additional slogan for favehotel Tuban, "professional," emphasizing her desire for the entire favehotel Tuban team to deliver the highest level of professionalism in providing services to guests.

In addition to the extended favehotel Tuban family, the event was attended by major sponsors who had contributed to making the entire road to favehotel Tuban's anniversary celebrations vibrant and successful. Also present were the top three finalists of a dance competition who had once again proven their talent and earned the attention of the judges, resulting in their victory.

The dance team from Sembari Art Tuban proudly took home the first and third-place trophies, while a solo dancer named Lia Agustin secured the second-place spot. The grand finale of favehotel Tuban's anniversary celebration concluded with friendly interactions among invited guests, as well as all the staff and employees who had joined in celebrating the success of this memorable event.