Regular Agenda: Blood Donation at favehotel Tuban Garners Enthusiasm

27 June 2023

Regular Agenda: Blood Donation at favehotel Tuban Garners Enthusiasm

As part of their 6th-anniversary celebration, favehotel Tuban organized a blood donation event on June 27, 2023, in collaboration with PMI Tuban (Indonesian Red Cross). The event, which was open to the public, garnered significant attention and enthusiasm not only from favehotel Tuban employees but also from sister companies, including Kayu Manis Resto, D’Sutan Café, and BPR Mentari Terang.

The event commenced at 2:00 PM with a general screening process, including blood type and hemoglobin checks, before proceeding with the blood donation itself. At least 28 bags of blood were successfully collected during this donation drive, intended to aid those in need.

This blood donation event has been previously held by favehotel Tuban last year and has now become an annual agenda for the hotel, which has been in operation since 2017. Beyond celebrating their anniversary, such positive initiatives are expected to provide educational value to the general public about the importance of donating even a single drop of blood, as it can save lives.

"Our hope is that this activity can be held regularly, not just during our anniversary but also on other occasions, so that it benefits others and also raises awareness among favehotel Tuban's employees and staff, encouraging them to bravely participate in blood donation because it not only benefits others but also promotes one's own health," said Agung Galih Tri Tumonjo, chairman of the 6th-anniversary event committee, Road To Anniversary favehotel Tuban.