Zumba Dance Returns for the 6th Anniversary Celebration of favehotel Tuban

25 June 2023

Zumba Dance Returns for the 6th Anniversary Celebration of favehotel Tuban

Zumba dance was once again held as part of the 6th-anniversary celebration of favehotel Tuban on June 25, 2023, at GOR Rangga Jaya Anoraga Tuban. This is the second time favehotel Tuban has organized a zumba event for the general public of Tuban, coinciding with the bustling Car Free Day event on Sundays.

The event started with the distribution of favehotel Tuban logo balloons to the visitors of GOR Tuban, creating an atmosphere filled with magenta, the color of favehotel. Various prizes, including souvenirs, shopping vouchers, and room vouchers, were prepared, which further fueled the enthusiasm of the participants.

This year, the energetic zumba instructor who got the people of Tuban moving was Zin (Zumba Instructor Network) Wan from Bojonegoro, widely known among sports enthusiasts for combining the enjoyable dance moves of salsa with aerobic exercises.

At least 100 people gathered in front of the Letda Soetjipto Statue before the event started, eagerly answering various questions from the favehotel Tuban team to win attractive prizes. In collaboration with Najmina Beautycare, the zumba event also aimed to raise awareness among the people of Tuban about facial skincare by offering free facial examinations using a facial skin test device called the Magic Mirror Analyzer. Lastly, the zumba event also partnered with Bank Mandiri as one of the sponsors, contributing to the well-being of the people of Tuban.

"It's a lively event today, even more so than last year. We hope that this can become an annual event for favehotel Tuban, inviting the people of Tuban to pay more attention to their health while introducing favehotel to the community, who may still be unaware that there is an internationally standardized hotel here that has been operating for 6 years," said Congrista Wigati Ciptawan, the chairman of the zumba dance event and HR Administration of favehotel Tuban.